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November 10, 2010


Enjoy it Jerry. You did a great job here with your parents. I'll miss seeing you around. Are you going to change your blog name? Like Indiana in the rear view mirror or something? :P

Christy - I've thought about that but haven't had time to really do anything about it. I'll be scanning some old photos over the next few months. I'll probably find some Indiana treasures.

Welcome to Oklahoma.

Hope the move is good for you. Will miss seeing you at blogmeets.

Dittos on a super job w/ the folks. Oh, do I know that bridge, ugh.

So how much would you recommend Taco Bueno? They have them all over the place here next door in Arkansas.

Jerry, I've enjoyed stopping by your blog the last couple of years. You really did the right thing for your folks by coming home. They must have raised you well. I hope you got some satisfaction from helping them through their last years, and I'm sure it meant a lot to them. Now, on to the next chapter in your life and career. I look forward to hearing how things settle out for you.

Stay off of the rail road tracks.

Safe travels, my friend. How do I get those Taco Bueno folks to come to Jersey? Mexican food around here is as rare as hens' teeth.

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