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August 17, 2010


You can also paint the bites with fingernail polish. I recommend clear polish, but use pink if that is your style.

I had only heard of the nail polish trick - this is a new one... bleach. hmmm... glad it worked although I would've liked to see a pic with bright red polish on 'em. ;-)

Yep! The clear nail polish works great. Chiggers! I haven't had a chigger on me for many a moon. I guess they don't care for carpet or air conditioning. I envy your life style Jerry. Burning trash barrels and Bobcats. OMG how great is that?

Oh, they are the WORST!

I knew the fingernail polish trick, not the bleach! I've had them once... I don't want them ever again.

In today's world of PC, they are properly referred to as "chigroes."

They've been especially bad this season...hot and humid...I suppose. I stepped one foot off a rock road to take a photo this year and..zap! It was just for about 10 seconds or less and I still got two!

I feel your pain!

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