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August 10, 2010


Jerry ~ I remember that I bought a Sony Cassette Tape deck in Vietnam in 1969 that actually had the ability to play six tapes like a record changer used to. I wish I still had it (not becuase I want to use it), but so that I could show it to people who can't believe my story. ~ jb///

The videodisc player is still very popular among enthusiasts, as are the discs for it.

Roberta - Can you find me one of these enthusiasts? I'd like to give them an early Christmas present.

I always like it when you show a turntable or an 8-track player to someone born after, say 1982, and they say "What's that?" with a blank stare on their face.

Funny...I lost my expensive (back in the day) Kenwood component system on Fathairybastard's last visit. Previously I lost one of my white rubber woofers to rot! I had that fixed and I was going to show Jeff what it was like to watch old speakers vibrate to the beat of some great 70's tune. However, after flipping the power on the amp fried and smoked up the room!

So, I'm left to consider having the amp fixed or replaced. Do I want to invest another $75 into this old beast?

Maybe I should take your lead and just give it away to some collector.

Maybe I should do a blog post on the subject first?

Mushy - I looked at your Kenwood amp. Mine pre-dates yours, before they went to black fronts, and is heavy. I'd take it apart and look at it. It could just be something simple. Also, check out the website Parts-Express.com. That's where I got my replacement woofers.

Doesn't the shelf life of our "stuff" seem to kep getting shorter and shorter?

When my mom sold the lakehouse I took the old multifunction player with an 8-track, turntable and am/fm tuner. And- BONUS - all the Neil Diamond 8-track tapes. What a haul!

8 track...now that takes me back to my college days. Man. I'm old.

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