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April 29, 2010


God bless you all, Jerry. You are in my prayers. i know the end of this life can be sad, but it's really only the beginning of Eternity.

PS Ilive the hands picture. Well done, Jerry!

I mean I LOVE the hands pic - sorry for the typo...

Oh, Jerry. Just because it's inevitable and expected doesn't make it any easier.

You, your dad and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

My thoughts are with you and your dad during this difficult time.

You are all in my prayers, jerry

praying for you and your dad. went through the same thing with my dad. i had to finally tell my dad that it was okay and he could go, that i would be okay.

There are no words, Jerry. God bless all of you.

.... you are doing a good thing - being there with him, Jerry....... you are a good man..... and he is in good hands........

.... I am sorry that the situation has come to this...... but hey, things could be worse.......

... you are a good son, Jerry.... and he was a good father to be able to draw you back there to help....... and I know that he misses your mother....


Bless you you're all in my prayers.

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