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April 01, 2010


Random strangers confess things to me every time I venture into public domain.
"I like church bells that sound like cartoon songs" confessed one very smelly old lady in line at the grocery.
"I had some grapes in my nose for two years" confessed the cashier at WalMars.
"I stole these panties" confessed the drunken man at the gas station.

I've stopped leaving the house.

I think I'm just allergic to Houston.
Ya know. I've only been there twice but I'm for sure allergic too.
Your doc need to get a grip on his situation like you did.
take care buddy.

Thanks for the inspiring comments about Houston. It's not like we're moving there soon...oh wait...

good thing I am not sure I would want THAT doctor to work on me.

Um... wow! And here I was rather skeeved out when we lived at our other place and at a neighborhood party the ladies all were talking about how none of them actually slept with their husbands anymore. Freaky things people will say! I wanted to stick my fingers in my ears and say "la la la la la la la... I can't hear you!". But this is even more freaky! I might have actually jumped up and said "oh damn! I have an emergency appointment and I MUST leave right now... so sorry!".

However, I would certainly never go back to that doctor again... you may want a second opinion next time you're down there.


Instead of airborne allergies, do you eat vastly different stuff down in Houston? If so, you might consider an elimination type diet to see if there's something you're eating that is causing the problem. It might even be a condiment type of food - so look at everything.

Just read your last two post. Had those test not came out negative I would have sure thought about getting a second opinion.
What you have done for your mom and dad is remarkable. You made a good and tough decision.
Your statement,” Most locals around here don't realize that they live a life that few in the world ever get to see” is really, really true.
Hang in there Jerry.

Perhaps people admit terrible secrets to strangers because they know it won't come back to bite them (usually).

But as others have said, at least you were willing and able to come back and aid your parents so they could be comfortably taken care of in their twilight years, which is all too often a hard and thankless job?

Houston? Not just the tropical climate or the mold, but what about all the refinerys and chemical plants? Houston doesn't exactly have the healthiest air in the world.

It's great, all you've done for your parents. I will miss your Indiana stories if you leave! And yes I think that doctor needed to talk to someone about his parents and he thought you'd understand.

Sounds like you two should have gone out for that beer! I think that and a nice talk with you would have made him feel better. I'm glad the allergies all came back negative.

I have had allergies this year worse than any in a long time. I haven't figured it out yet, but it's no fun.

I was wondering how your Dad was doing. You and your siblings have taken good care of your parents. Bless you all for that!

The story made me smile....think I'll listen to my Dean Martin collection, which includes.."Houston, Houston, Houston..."

I'd have probably tried to say something humorous like "Well, I'm sure they wished that about you a time or two. Amiright?"


Dood, send your doc to me; we'll too-walk. Been there, done that.

I think it's obvious. You'll allergic to the thought of leaving Indiana. Duh.

The pollen this spring has been phenomenal...I don't usually have troubles and I've been sneezing, too. It might get better, later on.

Parents getting older, no fun and heartbreaking.

You know, Jerry, I often felt compelled to tell you about my childhood trauma. You see it all started when I was six.....

LOL! I hope you will keep up your blog after you make the move to Houston. And I hope you resolve the allergy problem before that!

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