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March 14, 2010


Wife has a shredder...I take my stuff out, and toast in the BBQ...much faster, and less recycling to use. Of course it's illegal to burn in town, but no law says you can't BBQ!

We're the same here Jerry. Folks don't realize the importance of having just the right speed and direction of wind. If it's just right, the stuff will burn with out blowing around. Not likely. I've thought about a shredder just so things would burn better and faster. My trouble is I want a shredder that will take a big magazine or catalog in one piece. The problem there is I would need to have the 4020 free to power it.
We're down to drifts now, the rest of the landscape is mud. Lots of mud.

I'm pretty sure you could construct some kind of expanded metal screen cover for your burning pit. My father had one and he burned a lot of garbage in it. Whatever didn't burn, things like cans and such, he'd take to his "dump" which was nothing more than a ditch on the far side of his garden. To keep it from becoming "unsightly" he would use his Troybuilt tiller to till up the dirt on both sides of the ditch, then rake the loosened dirt over the refuse. He live there a long time and never did fill up that ditch. Personal dump or landfill. I believe those are the only reasonable choices.

Expanded metal is heavy. It won't blow away nor will it allow most large pieces of burning paper to escape.

I am laughing at the picture of you chasing your burning checks.

.... I'm laughing at him bringing up Oklahoma...

LOL. I can see it now.... you dashing all over the field.

We have a Weber Kettle. Every year we collect stuff to burn and burn it there. It can't be done all at once, but if you do it a bit at a time it works fine. ;-)

In my New Jersey town, lighting a fire outside could get you waterboarded.

We still have two burn piles at the farm. I miss 'em.

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