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March 01, 2010


That's the same hard drive I bought not to long ago to hold my pictures. It seems to be very easy to use - which is something I need.

I recently purchased one of those external drives too. This one is "automatic". I needed something fool proof. Sometimes I question if it is doing what I want it to do but I don't know how to find out. All I know is, after getting it installed and doing a quick setup, asking it to back-up "EVERYTHING" on my computer, it worked diligently on the assignment for almost two days. It's a 1TB capacity also. I don't think it will run out of memory ... ever. I hope I never hear the Death Click thingy.

I used to think I had a lot of music on my computer but WOW! you've got me beat many times over. How many Doo Wop songs do you have? I won't admit how I came by all of mine but I've been collecting music since Napster was all the rage. I've given away more CDs and cassette tapes than I currently have in my music files.

I use WMP, and it is frustrating, how it categorizes some CDs and downloads. Good luck with it.

I'm not sure what all you did here Jerry, since all this technology is still Greek to me, but I'm glad it all worked out for you and you learned more and you didn't lose your music and photos!

Great idea Jerry. You're my idol. I can't do that. When I successfull save anything, I'm surprised by it.

Backup the Backup...just sayin'

Yabu - I've thought about that. I'm probably going to have to buy a 2nd external HD to backup this one.

The original drive is just a box with a card and a standard drive in it. Take it apart and stick a new drive therin. I resurrect old computer hard drives that way.

I don't know of 20 gig of music I want to listen to regularly. Let alone 1 terabyte. You must have a buttload of CD's.

I have a friend who manufactures jukeboxes- real wurlitzer style boxes with the colored liquid bubbles- which have giant hard drives therein, a real digital jukebox.


Not as portable as your extra hard drive. Prettier, though.

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