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January 14, 2010


Don't forget kneelers - the part that puts the torture in the pews!

We don't have kneelers in the Baptist church. We'd never be able to get up again.
Jerry, this is really funny stuff. Mostly applicable to Baptists too. Thanks.


I'd love to read it, but unfortunately your sidebar covers most of it.

I never knew doing aerobics was possible in church until I became Catholic. Sit, stand, kneel and repeat and repeat again.

I have always heard that Methodist traditions came out of the Catholic church and now I know that is true. I apologize for peeking at your secret dictionary and except for the kneeling, we're on the same path. Justice is my favorite:)

Does being Half Catholic exempt me? :}

The receipt for Mass description made me laugh out loud!

HAhahahhaha - you know? That fits for Episcopalians too. I should know... ;)

Hey Jerry, there seems to be something wrong with your site. I can't get your newer posts to load. :)

Have you fallen in a snowdrift and gone into hybernation?

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