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September 16, 2009


Gosh Jerry, the older years are supposed to be our golden years! I'm sorry you have the family curse as well, but at least now you know about it for sure, and hopefully with the medication you'll feel better soon.

I had to smile at the things you thought were caused by living in Indiana!!

Hang in there Jerry!!!

Thanks for posting the symptom checklist. Good info to have.

A couple of years ago I swore that I had a thyroid condition. I could check all of the above. Turns out I was just fat and lazy.

What if you have all of those and the Dr says you're okay? Happens ya know.

Oh yeah, Nora's funny.

Hypothyroidism is pretty easy to control all in all - my dayghter was diagnosed when she was 10 days old and has taken daily synthroid ever since! :) Hope you are feeling much beter soon!

I shouldn't be chuckling after reading this, but I am. You made this diagnosis comical. Seriously, I hope the medication helps your body deal with this. I've heard that thyroid problems can be a real bear to handle.

... lmao at Nora..... bwhahahahahah....

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