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August 27, 2009


You have to give the pharmacist credit for making the "system" work. $480 for 30 pills is crazy.

Welcome to the wonderful world of medicine!

I just can't wait for Government Health Care!!! :(

I just cut a check for $220 for a 90 day supply of meds. Without insurance, it would be over $1200.

My daughter has occular histoplasmosis which requires injections into her eye to prevent her from losing her central vision. One eye is already permanently damaged. Anyway, she moved to TN, became a full time college student without health insurance. The stress of the move caused another eye episode requiring a shot with a new doctor. If she had health insurance the shot would have been $1300. With it being self-pay it cost her $325. Talk about a mark-up of retail cost!

.... brother?..... you have no fucking idea.... trust me.....

I'm all atwitter over the Walmart $4 prescriptions. If only ALL meds costs only $4.
Government run health care scares the heck outta me!!
Our health care system needs reform, but government take over is NOT the answer.
I sure your dad is doing okay these days. I'm sure life is really tough for him without your momma.
God bless you all.


I left out the word "hope" in "I sure hope your dad is doing okay these days."
Sorry. I'm typing too fast, and not proofreading before I press POST.

Yeah, what JD said. Except I did proofread this.

Somewhere there's a senior citizen who just went home without their medicine. Your dad's lucky to have a good son like you, Jerry.

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