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May 02, 2009


We've had two sets of grisly homicides in the area. My Google-fu couldn't find anything about the Anton family of Ensign, KS. - but a husband and wife were murdered, bodies left in their basement, and their house torched. Richard had a rattlesnake with it's rattles removed put in his pickup, combines and tractors sabotaged by putting bolts in the cylinders, and a garage torched with a high dollar train collection destroyed. Rumor has it he and his wife had their fingers cut off - found in their stomachs. Someone was sending a message there. The KBI even interviewed my Dad - he and Richard were on the Soil Conservation Board together. Alvin Dewey was brought in from retirement. These murders remain unsolved.

Of course the second is the far more famous murders of the Clutter family of Holcomb that Truman Capote immortalized with "In Cold Blood." I've been by that house. People actually started locking their houses around here after that happened.

What a horrible horrible story! Those poor girls. That is just so sad. I can't understand people being so mean to others.

The neighbors even joined in...man that is horrifying.

Man Jerry - I couldn't even finish reading the whole story. That is just sad.

Horrible ... just horrible.

If you are ever in Lyons, Nebraska you'll get the same reaction if you say the name "Donalyn Deeds."


And yet the politicans(especially those on the left) continue to protect and support perverts and child molesters and killers...

No one is going to accuse you of having the same ol crap on his blog. Winnie the Pooh and murderers. Interesting stuff but I'm not going to go read about it. Have you studied the Charles Starkweather killing spree in Nebraska in the 1950's? Yeah we locked our doors and made sure the keys were in the vehicles so if they came and wanted a car they could just steal it and leave.

Hideous beyond measure!! I won't be watching that movie. It's hard to imagine just how evil some people are. I can't fathom harming a child, and it makes me sick when I hear about things like this. I'm pretty hard nosed when it comes to the punishment of criminals like this. Eye for an eye sounds good to me.

Jerry, that story haunted my childhood. And I don't know any girls from here named Sylvia - the name brings instant bad memories. Boo!

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