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December 20, 2008


The song, as you most certainly remember (ye of vast musical memory) was featured in the classic movie "Boogie Nights." Eric's problem is that he doesn't own a decent pair of boogie shoes.

Ah, but Hairboy, the abominable Jersey snowdoosh, would be incorrect about Eric, since I seem to recall our red-headed brother as having quite a dashing pair of HS Trask boogie shoes, that would set one in search of stylin' footwear back a pretty penny: http://elisson1.blogspot.com/2006/01/nice-shoes.html.

Love the clip!

I'm hot...I'm nation-wide my Norf Korean ass!!!
Preez give me glid (grid) coordinates to Eric's prace.

Tank you berry much!
Great Reader KIM Jong IL
& JihadGene

.... never seen that show....

... as for the 70s and disco?... I have the photos of polyester abuse that my parents subjected me to around here somewhere.....

Good video Jerry. Never watched the show probably never will. Well maybe I will . . .after watching this clip.

Dear Wiseass Jooette,

Eric's Trask shoes are cheerleader shoes, NOT boogie shoes.

... thank you, Jimbo.... I think....

Was this before or after my Neru jacket?

I noticed the guy who's flirting has to dig out his wedding ring which was conveniently off his finger.
What a dog!

I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy, Bountiful New Year.
I hope you'll share some stories and photos with us from your Christmas holidays. Maybe your dad would be willing to pose with a Santa's hat on.
No snow here yet. We leave for CA tomorrow, so I'm snow free for awhile for sure!!

I've never watched the show but I loved this clip!! She sure changed things around!! LOL

Disco was the "thing" when I first went on the Radio Airwaves....It sucked back in 1978...still does when hearing it today.


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