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October 05, 2008


Just because. As far as a cat is concerned, that is all you need to know.

Be glad it's not cat poop...smells worse. I don't think they deliberately vomit in a place..just where ever they happen to be when the need strikes. Then again, maybe it was personal...you'll know if it happens repeatedly!


Ah, geez Jerry I'm trying to eat lunch here. The cat most likely did it just to tick you off.

Yucky!! I'd say the cat just wants to get your attention, and it did.

My cat pukes on my carpet once a month. Good gawd I hate it...

Now, now Jerry!! When you have to puke you just do it when the urge hits you, so I'm sure it's the same with cats. He/she probably had a hairball coming up and even though he/she knew you wouldn't like it they just got the urge while on the sidewalk. Couldn't help it. Up it came. Of course it might have eaten a mouse that didn't set well on the stomach. Good kitty........

BTW, I love the caution sign!!! Cute!!

Amen brother Wiley.

Which is one of many reasons why I don't own cats.

I had a party at the farm (with my parents permission). At midnight Dad leaned out of the bedroom window and yelled, "120 acres and the bnad had to set up under our window?"

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