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September 09, 2008


Oh my goodness - I remember coveting all those women's outfits in the catalog back then. This makes me glad I was too poor to shop at JC Penney!

Thanks for sharing the laugh! I showed my daughter - that was even more fun!

He is funny!! I have a 1960-something Sears and Roebuck catalog. It's interesting to look at sometimes and see those low prices.

Walking down memory lane....ahhhh - the horror!!

Nope, not A Hoosier - will you still like me and read my blog? :)


Now, that is some funny Sh*t....1977? The year I finished at Wright State, packed up and headed to northern Wisconin...and I remember those outfits from the late 1970s some ugly, ugly, stuff. I think I've got a few photos with me in some things I will never post on my blog....couldn't take the embarassment.

Great Link!!

Ah yess, the year I graduated from high school...

I think I remember it...

I saw this guys first post a long time ago and laughed so hard with all my friends. THANK YOU for sharing this newest one... Like someone said, Oh the horrors of fashion

Those children in the top two pictures are pimping bigtime. Wow, if only kids today dressed like that.

OMG. The original one had me rolling around in fits. I prayed for a sequel, and it looks like my prayer's been answered.

OMG... I had that same Brownie uniform. LOL...

1: the pic of Dad with the girls was great. He seems to REALLY be enjoying himself.
2: The stroll back with the old catalog was as funny as you said. Thanks.

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