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September 17, 2008


well said. I have to agree with him, I did not post about the pig thing -- talk about mountains from molehills.

I love him and this is flat out BRILLIANT!!!

Hey Jerry, I posted the pig thing on two of my blogs! Pictures too! They had two of my pigs contemplating lipstick.
That was back on September 10 for Jim's Little Blog before Ike and before we evacuated for Ike, and after we found electricity here in Katy, Texas this Wednesday on Jim's Little Photo Place.
No one chastised me. Like our Lyle Lovett says, "it's not a big deal."
Oh yes, I am 100% born in the U.S.A. and don't watch Craig Ferguson.

Excellent...I will have to steal that and post it on my Silverbacks blog.


I love that!!
Thanks for posting that monologue since I'm sure I would not have heard it otherwise.
Ferguson has a good handle on the election and the importance of us using our vote.
I'm voting for the McPalin ticket!

I do like Mr. Ferguson...he makes a lot of sense most times. I missed this monologue, and wish I hadn't.

Thanks for posting the video.

This is why I want to marry Craig Ferguson. I am Scottish, too, but without the awesome accent. :)

“Real solutions to real problems, they don’t care if they come from the right or the left…” I get it. He’s right about that!

And I will NEVER ignore my right and responsibility to VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!!

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