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August 16, 2008


Yeeouch! I hope he has a quick recovery!

Your dad has some spirit, for sure!

Jeez Jerry! I'll keep saying it: You're a good son. I'm not sure what your parents would do if you didn't live down the road. Seriously.
Good luck with the parish photographs.

Perhaps you should start referring to your gorilla-stompin' dad as "Rocky."

Again, he looks pretty damned pleased with himself!

Hope he heals quickly...

Wow! Your dad really knows how to do it right! Did you get a couple new grey hairs from this??? I love how he takes it in stride. My dad is like that too and I always figure it's because of the time he spent in Korea...that kind of experience sure throws a different light on things. It'll be a memorable church picture for sure!

OMG...that looks so bad.

At first I thought I was looking a Suldog who had had a baseball accident!

T1G said it best. Your dad does looked really pleased with himself.
You know Jerry, one of these days he might actually hurt himself. He is one tough guy.

What? You didn't take a photo of him with blood all over his face from this morning? I can't even understand why not. Your daddy is a tough cookie, but please tell him he's really gotta stop doing this. Gevald, it's making my constitution weak just looking at him.

Yikes! He's a good sport for posing for these photos!

Oh your poor Dad Jerry. That looks bad and it HAD to hurt. I hope he mends quickly and the bleeding stops. It's great that you live so close to them. I know you never know what to expect with your parents at their age. Good luck with the photos. At least they'll be memorable!

Dang, your pop is one tough ol' bird!

Wow, he really looks like he took a beating! He must have a good sense of humor.

Wow! Glad it wasn't worse.

..... one thing about his generation that you have to admire...... they could take one helluva lick and keep on ticking....... I wish we all were so lucky....

Your dad is awesome! Look at him smirking. Hope he heals quickly!

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