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July 22, 2008


Hey Jerry, that is a good thing for him to do. Does he invite you to go with him often? Will your Mom go along?
I had to Google 'Mitten,' Wikipedia took me to Michigan. Shaped like a mitten, dumb me. I learn some things some days.
Have fun and learn some things. You can test the political weather among that group while you're there, that should be interesting.

90 in Michigan..ouch! I live in Florida and the a/c wasn't working in the office this morning, so we all came into an 85 degree building...I'll take some cold please! Have fun in Mitten-land! Tell us all about it when you get back.

You and your dad are lucky to have each other.

I hope you're having a safe trip. I know your dad will enjoy his reunion. I'd wager it will be considerably smaller than it was last time he attended.

Be safe Jerry! Have a wonderful time! Hope you don't have to yell too much at your Dad to get him to hear you in the car!! heehee

drive safely and enjoy the old duffers!!!

... safe trip for you and your Dad..... I've never been to Michigan (other than the Detroit airport).... it was quite nice....

oh oh oh oh you had to have driven past my old street on that good ole I 75 north. How ya doin I hope you liked my old home... I am going to go catch up a bit now... hiya

Have a good trip Jerry. Keep an eye on your Dad.

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