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June 02, 2008


Haha. Cat blogger..

Just kidding.

Seriously, for a cat to be a mouser it has to be taught how to hunt by the mother cat. Not sure if that's the case or not. They may just catch the mice and play with them.

Cliff's my idol. You would be the first one to ever utter those words but thanks.
Like I told you, on a farm you either gotta have cats or rats. Cats are just slightly better.
I loved the piano piece. Very talented girl.
I really enjoyed your address book post. Really good writing.

I may buy Junior (not my cat) a ticket to Indiana.

Well, I guess I won't be putting up any bluebird boxes at your place!!

A lady down the hall has a cat and keeps it in the house all the time. Every times she talks about that cat - I see her cat being a lot like feeder pigs, never seeing the light of day.
She would have a heart attack if she heard you wanted your cats to work and not lay around and be pampered.

You gonna change the name of your blodge to "Cat Home Again"?

Nicely done with the song, too... as soon as I read "just some friendly little cats", I knew where you were going.

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