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May 22, 2008


I've been told I can make movies with my camera but don't care to learn how. Not why I got it. But I must admit your movie was good - I liked the shot of Oreo.
Now. . .we really need to see the part about hitting the fence post.

I loved it!!! My camera does movies but I've never figured out how to get them on my blog. Sounds like it was a little windy there. Great to see you driving home and good old Oreo standing there waiting!!

I could use your Dad and his bobcat here in my yard!!

Oh, be very careful while driving and filming! Otherwise we might see your movie on Funny Home Videos!!

BTW, congrats on the new camera.

I WANT ONE! Not the camera..the Bobcat. That has to be the most versatile peice of equipment I have ever driven..hell put tracks on it and it is a mini dozer that will pull a five-16 mow board plow with a spring tooth harrow behind it..I just need one for a while to do some landscaping..

... my pleasure, sir!.... good luck with the camera!.... I look forward to many more vids of the farm!...

I loved this post Jerry. Next I want you to set that puppy up in your kitchen and read us your next post.

very cool. I've got a few short vids of Dad ant the drivin' range.. No sound on my camera though. bummer.

Awesome! Great cinematography--though you really should post your out-takes, too. Oreo looks wonderful on film. This is the very first time I've heard the actual voice of one of the bloggers I read.

I'm glad you got a gift you can use.
My camera takes movies too.
I just used it to take movies of the concert in Dallas.
Great gadgets!!

Maybe we can document our road trip to Blogpot.
Now you can teach me how to make movies.

Wow. Your company gives out great gifts! We got a pen. Or a pencil. And the color of the nearly microscopic crystal imbedded on the clip was determined by how many years of service. OH! But in my 10 year... for some reason I did get to have clock.

This new company... same thing. I think one of the bookends told me that at his 5 year anniversary he had the choice of a small clock or a compass. We all need a compass you know...

Anyway, I'm loving watching your Dad. It reminds me of watching my Grandad. You have to wonder what they are thinking, although I suspect your Dad was just very focused, driving a bobcat... blind and all. Heh.

first impressions....your Dad does better on his Bobcat than I would...

second, did the rock need to be moved..or did he just start moving rock for something to do?

Excellent! Your dad does alright for 90. LOL.

Love the pig too.

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