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May 11, 2008


I don't see any Neil Diamond on that list. WTF?

Erica - Sis had just a few Neil Diamond 45s. I have a Neil Diamond's greatest hits CD, but all his hits on Bang Records are re-recordings. Blech!

Sounds like a nice thing to have and you seem to have it down pat. If I get one I'll be yelling for that tech support!

As for your previous posts; I'm glad your Mom and Dad had a great Mother's Day, but as you say they don't look too thrilled in the photo!! LOL Your Dad doesn't have on his overalls!

As for the beard; let's just say I'm glad it's gone!!

I have and iPhone and an iBook, but no iPod. Sounds like its iTime that iNora gets one.

I'm with Erica - no Neil. Cut through the crap Jerry.
I got Char an iPod. Don't get me wrong, I don't know how to use them, I don't want one. I am so over my head with technology the way it is. I'm just saying I got Char one.

WOW! Loved the music list you loaded for your sister.
I picked up a SanDisk MP3 player for my wife to listen to at work and while riding on the bus to and from work. She loves it and I loaded up a more eclectic playlist for her. She went through my music folder (about 3 gigs of files)and picked out her favorites. I loaded approximately 200 songs on that player, not one artist had more than one song included. She does like a variety of music.

She rode the bus again Monday and Tuesday to downtown Cincinnati and wished she had remembered her little player because some kids rode the same bus and sat behind her, close enough for her to hear every word they said. She says they spoke very few words that were not profanity of some sort and quickly grew sick of hearing it. If she had her MP3 player she could have drowned them out and enjoyed good music instead.

My daughter got a iPod Nano for her birthday two weeks ago. You can only pry it away when she gets into a pool or takes a shower. Her downloads are Paula Abdul. BELCH!!!

I've got an 8gig nano - I have music on it, but I download lots of podcasts too. Stuff like Car Talk, Leo LaPort - The Tech Guy, a few photography ones, Popular Mechanics, Pod Asia, The History of Rome, Some Photoshop ones...

I don't know if I have a jack in my car I have to look. I take it there is a connector that will work between the two? The only thing I knew about was the iPod thing that went over the radio, but I heard it wasn't very good.

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