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April 18, 2008


First I'd heard of this Jerry. I have never experienced an earthquake and have no desire to do so. It must be a scary scary thing.

I heard about that on my way to work this morning. Glad to hear so far no one has been hurt.

I thought maybe I was imagining it too, for a about an hour.

(Btw, would you consider updating your link for me?) I've moved.

Heard about it on the news early this morning and called our son. Man, is he a little grouchy early in the morning.
Glad everyone there is alright.

LOL - I called my mom (my parents live in St. Louis) she had no idea and thought it was "somewhere in IL that it happened so we wouldn't feel it here. I think she just slept through it - or she woke up and just doesn't remember now.

I do remember the '68 quake. We had just recently moved to St. Louis. When it hit, my sister came running down the hall yelling... "it's just like an earthquake!" Still cracks me up to remember that.

... glad that you survived the earthquake, big guy.... I've never felt any here in Tennessee.... but when I was out on the Aleutian Islands, we had a quake nearly every day..... which, of course, sucked..... glad you are well!...

I don't know how you people can even THINK about living in Indiana with all those earthquakes...


I remember the one in the 80s. I was living with my grandparents at the time, and was sitting next to their food cabinet, which had enough cans in it to feed a 3rd world country. When it hit and all of those cans started shaking I thought I was a goner for sure. lol

Earthquakes I'm used to... Tornadoes I'm NOT.
I heard about the shakin' that went on in your neck of the woods.
I'm glad it wasn't a big one!

About five or six years ago, I was visiting my parents during a break from work. I was sitting in their sun room with two of their cats. Both cats stood up simultaneously, and gave ME that indignant look only a cat can give. Then, the room started vibrating. Lasted maybe 15 seconds. It was a slight tremor....still, kinda funky. Glad everything's okay....

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