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April 28, 2008


Woohoo! Zombies!
Seriously though, that would have creeped me out too. My happy butt would have been walking double time to the car.

Maybe it was playing dead to freak you out.

Okay, I thought the story was going to end with you scooping the cat up and taking it to the farm to bury.
A good creepy to start out the day.

Thanks Jerry, that was just what I needed to start my day...some undead asscrack.

That was a very creepy video Jerry! Cemeteries aren't spooky..unless you are there at night!

Oh, I like all your office supplies in a previous post. I love office supplies too, even though I have way less than you do!

That was really weird. After I read this blog, I went on a run for practice and saw a dead cat on the sidewalk exactly as you described the cemetery cat. Now that's eerie!

Man, that's freaky. No visible entry or exit wounds? Pet cemitery time. Time to walk away.

Awesome, Jerry. Awesome.

I enjoy walking through cemeteries and reading headstones.
I would not enjoy walking through them at night though.
I know that's silly, but it's true.
We have a cemetery nearby that has solar lights at some of the graves. It looks freaky from the highway at night.

.. that's whacked..... I'm sleeping with my .45 tonight.....

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