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March 18, 2008


3. Office Space

That's the only one I can get...

10. Annie Hall - Alvy Singer (Woody Allen)

Well, some of those sound familiar but I can't remember what they're from unless I cheated. "I'm thinking of a flaming rum punch!" One of my favorites.

8. The new Wife - Rebeccah

11. Paper Moon - Addie Loggins (Pray) - 1973

14. Me, after I first sampled the Chatham Artillery Punch at my first Jawja Blogmeet.

... wow... these are tough....

Not a clue Jerry. Not a clue on any of them

I'm with Ralph.

5. Gene Hackman (Coach Norman Dale) in Hoosiers - 1986. Sheesh. I should have figured you'd put a quote in from that movie!

Is No. 7 from The Goodbye Girl?

# 7 is not "The Goodbye Girl". Good guess though, Tina!

9. Rosie O'Donnall-----heh.

#6 -- isn't that from Breaking away? The actor that said it was later in the Home Alone movies

Tough ones. I had to cheat just to find out on them. Good job Jerry!

Ah ha! Okay- I knew #1 sounded familiar...so I sat here and sat here, saying it over and over again in my head...and I GOT IT!

Kathryn Hepburn speaking to Cary Grant(?) talking about a tiger named Baby. Movie name is......(darn, and I own this movie too!)...um....Ah HA! Bringing Up Baby.

I knew Office Space and Paper Moon...but was looking to see, "She smokes?" ;-)

What kind of movie theaters do they have in Indiana? I'm completely stumped...

El Cap - Most of theese are the kind you would see on Turner Classic Movies. Here's the year the movie was released for the remainder of them: 1945, 1947, 1959, 1963, 1966, 1980, 1989, 2005. Only #4 and #15 were not big hits.

13 is definately from Hud. Quite the memorable quote... :D

You know, I remember #15...I thought it funny when I heard it....but for the life of me I cannot remember what movie it was! ARGH!

Is #12 from Airplane? These are hard!

BIG - #12 is not "Airplane". It's a much older movie from 1947.

Okay- I think I got it....Drugstore Cowboy....Diane? Diana? talking to Bill? Bob?

Argh....I hate my memory!

Sorry- Forgot to mention I was answering #15...I think.

And I keep thinking the 'danger' comment is Maxwell Smart. :) Sounds like something he would say.

Even with the rest of the clues, I am lost as to the remaining quotes.

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