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November 12, 2007


Congratulations and Happy Birthday to your dad!!! Sounds like it was a wonderful day - as it should be! (Let me find the police officer and smack him!)

Hope your mom isn't too sore after her fall. *sigh* She probably figured she didn't need that dratted walker just to go in the other room. Heh. Parents.

Your Dad looks great for his age. I almost didn't recognize him without his overalls though!! :) The decorations are great. Your sister did good!

I'm sorry that your Mom fell again. I sure hope she doesn't get too sore.

Sorry about your ticket too. Major ouch!!!

HAPPY 90th birthday to your Dad!!! And many more.........

Is it just my imagination or am I wishing a family member of yours a happy birthday in your blog every other post? Regardless, a very, very happy birthday to your Dad. Us Joos like to be fancy and further wish, "Zols leben biz hundert un tsvantzig yor" -- He should live to 120! And please remind your mother, who is obviously, and literally, head over heels in love with your Dad, that she needs to *seriously* slow down, as she is not the spry, athletic farmgirl she was only 2-3 years ago.

I love the photograph of your dad and Eryn. Precious.
Erica's head over heels comment made me laugh out loud...I mean...LOL.

You're a good son Jerry Wiley.

Happy birthday to your Dad.

Sorry about the ticket--220 whoops the 165 I got near SWG's house a few months back. But did you get the Reckless Driving tacked on to yours? I was 56 in a 30....

Congrats to your Dad. 90 is a milestone.
Remind me to tell my last ticket story sometime. It has yours beat by a mile.

How wonderful! I hope his birthday was spectacular!

Happy birthday to your Dad.
Ouch, a $220.50 speeding ticket seems pretty steep.

What a great bash! I love the decorations!

GREAT! Tell your Dad Happy Birthday from me and sweetthing

What a great day! That is just awesome! My great Uncle just celebrated his 101...So 90 seems young ;) I am sorry your Mom got hurt I sure hope she feels better soon. What great kids y'all are. Beautiful party!

1. I assume Dad will pay the ticket.
2. The decorations are so nice it's pretty evident a man had nothing to do with them.
3. I'm sure sorry about Mom's fall. That is really too bad.
4. You're Dad is the best. Happy Birthday to him.

What a great party. Congrats to Dad. Sorry about your mom and hope she is doing ok. What is that road you got your ticket...I am going to stay off of it and watch out for all you crazy drivers!

Happy Brithday! looks like a wonderful time!

Dazed Over the Holidays is posted at my site...check it out!

... many happy returns for you Pa, man...

Depending on the county, you might want to consider contesting the ticket. It works around Indy since officers are to busy with daily routine to appear in court for something as trivial as a speeding ticket, when they don't show up the judge has no choice but to toss it out. OTOH it was a county officer, they usually have plenty of time on their hands. Another option is having the ticket deferred(correct terminology?), about $50 and no violations for a year or 2 and it goes away.
Best wishes for your father, too.

That is awesome!

I know I don't need to say it but you sure are lucky to have him around. I'm sure you are the kind of fella who doesn't look a gifted horse in the mouth but...it's just wonderful and I hope you two enjoy one another for many more years!

Well, crap...

Pass along belated birthday wishes from me, if you would, Jerry!

Happy-Happy-Happy Belated b-day to your padre!!!!!
It's a bummer about that ticket you got. That cop really does have it out for your family!!
I hope your mom's shiner is gone by now.
I LOVE the family photo AND the photo of your dad having a chat with his great-grand-child.
That is priceless.

I'm late dammit.

Ok. Happy late birthday to your Dad! 90! Holy crap. We die around 70 here.

I love that picture of your Dad and Erin.

I'm sorry and nervous for your Mom. Thankfully it was carpet.

I think you look most like your sister that is sitting in front of you.

You and Erica... good Grief. Doochebag cop. Heh.

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