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October 23, 2007


You act like you didn't ever wear those clothes!

.... yeah, what Nora said..... at least in 1977 my parents were still dressing ME so I had no say in the matter... but YOU?... you wore those things voluntarily!....

I remember wearing some of those western type shirts, wanting to look like John Denver I guess!

You should see some of the stuff I wore in the band in the seventies. AAACKKKKK!!!!!!

I am still wearing clothes from the 70's...

and John Denver rocked...

I mean John Denver was "far out!"

Morrigan and I just read that and laughed ourselves silly. The commentary is classic. 1977... yeah, I wore some of that crap voluntarily. Gah!

Hi Jerry, RYC: I have been a Great-Aunt for quite a while now. My sister has 6 grandkids! I am the baby of the family, and I'll probably be the last one to be a grandparent. That's ok, it makes me always feel young!

I think my son would love that catalogue.
I'm SO glad you stopped by to see Rachel again!!
I enjoyed her post about it.

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