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October 13, 2007


Or maybe the 18-year-old car just said "I give up" after having 4 people and a ton of equipment loaded into it. How did they all fit?

Terah has a good point! I hate those loud cars with the music so loud it makes your car vibrate when you get near theirs. I think they have laws against that in some states. They need to expand it to other states.

We've got one of those "thumpers" in our neighborhood. He rattles the windows in the house when he goes by. Now I see that there's hope lol.

I don't know why but your post reminded me of a joke. A neighbor asked Bill Engvall a question because he saw him in the passenger seat when he was driving around with his daughter when she was learning how to drive. He said "Hey Bill, when did you get the new boom stereo system installed in your car?" Bill said "That wasn't a new stereo system Bob, that was the sound of my foot slamming on the imaginary brake!"
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yep, does my old heart good to read something like this

Sounds sort of, Darwinian. We can only hope this is just the start of a trend.

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