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October 03, 2007


What a coincidence!

I too rented BUG two weeks ago. I didn't rent it for myself because I don't care a lot for Horror type movies. I rented it with my wife in mind. What with all the new TV show pilots we have piling up on our DVR's she had to make choices. She opted for the new TV shows so I returned the BOG movie DVD to the video store UNWATCHED. It cost me $4.25 to rent the thing. Sad to say, that was not the first time I've rented a video and NOT watched it.

Right now I'm trying to think of something more stupid I've done during my life time. If I could have...would that have made me appear any less mentally inferior? Well...at least I don't run around placing advertising signs for seed corn next to such poor examples of end results that are located on rarely traveled gravel side roads. Perhaps the Fates were sparing me from another disappointing movie viewing experience. I appreciate them doing it if that is the case.

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