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August 23, 2007


Congrats to your mom and dad!

No kegger this year? ;)

Oh my goodness! Happy anniversary to them....what an awesome milestone. A lifetime of love right there.

Great tribute to your parents.
Our congratulations to both of them!

Awww. What a cute couple. Happy Anniversary to John and Beatrice!

Congrats to your mom and dad. My parents celebrated their 40th. :)

Congrats from Here!
My folks celebrated their 50th this past June.

... congratulations to them both.... that accomplishment is absolutely amazing.... I wish them many, many more...

Congrats to the newlyweds. Awww..well on their way to together forever. Couldn't you get your name in that announcement somehow??

Now I think you look like your Dad!

My neighbor has a couple that are friends of his, and their names are John and Bird too!

It's so wonderful to have your parents with you still. How come it says that your Dad is retired?? We know he still works on the farm!!

Wonderful tribute Jerry!!

wow how cool wonder if I will still be alive to do that one! have a good weekend.

60 years of marriage is REALLY something to celebrate!!
A pregnant cow - LOVE it!!!!

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