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August 01, 2007


Glad to hear the recovery is coming along well.

Especially that there is no pain.

Keep getting that rest!

"...quarter-size globs of bloody gunk still coming out."

That's naaaaasty, but the "no pain" part is good.

I guess snuff is out of the question.

Hey Jerry, I'm glad you're coming around now. When can you sleep in bed with your head on a pillow?
You could save some of that yuk, freeze it till you got to a fair with one of those encaplulating thing-ah's. Future generations would marvel!

You look a lot better and take those naps you deserve them.

Sounds like things are progessing well Jerry. Take the naps - they won't hurt you. Sneezing might but not the naps.

Hey! That picture looks like you. Didn't recognize you with the mummy wraps

As for the post below, that corn looks so good. I love corn on the cob!! No butter, no nothing, just eat it. I have been known to eat it raw too. Yum!

You look better than in the last picture. Dr. Hackett sounds like an appropriate name for the guy!! I'm glad you are mending. Go ahead and nap. Rest while you can!

Glad you are doing better. I'd like to know where to get some corn!

Hackett?!? I had him too, great guy, great ENT surgeon.
Hope you get to feeling better soon.

I was wondering if you were talking about the one in your class. I think I probably hung out with your class more than my own. It was the only way Mom and Dad would let my sister go 'crusin'

When I had my tonsils out and some work done on the inside of my nose, I kept falling asleep midword for almost a week. My youngest bro was still at home then, and he was tasked to take care of me. Scared him silly when I'd start to get up and fall asleep as I was trying to stand up.

Yah, me and anesthesia...not a good match.

Healing takes a lot more energy than you'd think. Treat yourself well, and you'll be feeling better soon. Especially when the swelling goes down inside and you discover you can actually breathe for the first time in a long time.

I never thought of myself as squeamish before, but this positively weakened the heck out of my knees and made me feel just a leettle bit light-headed. the whole bloody gunk first sneeze thing really got to me, I think.

Jerry baby, I hope you have a stronger-willed constitution than I do, because I just about passed out from reading this.

normally this is a painful procedure....so I hear.

So i am glad it is working out...

sorry to hear about the globules of nastiness spewing forth!

Jerry, I'm glad you're feeling better and you look great!
Can we please be done with the snot talk?

... man, I don't know what exactly they did during the surgery, but now you look like Christoper Reeve!....

.. before his accident, obviously....

HEYYYYYYYY THERRREEEE your lookin pretty good there guy. ummmmmm sneexe threw your mouth!

PostOp messes from the nose? Yuck!! Glad you're doing ok my friend. I may be getting up your way soon, I'll let you know. UNK

I'm praying for your continued sneezelessness :-)

Maybe you could jam dried corncobs up the nostrils to soak up the mess? I understand you farm folk still use 'em on the opposite end for absorbtion! ;-)

See if you can get a pic of that bloody gunk... just for those weak stomached folkses...

Oh, and glad that things are going well.

When I saw Rachel, she mentioned that you were doing okay. Post surgery recovery takes some time. I hope you are feeling a lot better now.

Funny post, BTW. Made me laugh.

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