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August 09, 2007


How wonderful you met another blogger!! I'll have to check him out. You have met a bunch so far, haven't you? Keeping count??

Been one of my daily reads since I started reading blogs. I think he and I think a lot alike..could be that we are both country boys with an education in history and poly sci

Thanks for the kind words. I had a great time

Hoosierboy -- a regular read for me.

I loves readin' me some HB!

Thanks for visiting me at W&A, by the way.

Between the two of you, one with your chronic nose schmutz, and the other with woeful tales of butt-clenching diarrhea, you both leave me with an iffy impression, at best, of how the state of Indiana molds its young men.

Well Hoosierboy, you couldn't hide from him forever. He's very persistent isn't he?
Glad the visit was a good one Jerry.

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