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August 08, 2007


Sorry I couldn't look at the picture being that I just ate dinner but I'm glad to hear you are feeling better. I will be posting some about my knee surgery comming up in two weeks.

I tried to stop myself, but just couldn't resist! Now I need to find something else to look at so I don't dream about it tonight!

I just couldn't go there!! Thank you for putting it in a link and not on your blog!!!

You are a riot Jerry!!!

Oh, your great-niece is soooo cute!! They do grow fast don't they?

Awesome, Jerry!

The blogosphere needs more snot shots...

Damn you Jerry Wiley!
I'm blaming any bad dreams on you.

Good God, Man!

I hope you post when you smell the first fart you've smelled in years.

.... rubberneckers, indeed.... that's some disgusting stuff there, brah..... you blog with the absolute best of 'em.....

Jerry, nobody makes me more weak in the knees than you. Because real men Bowery Blow strings of blood- and puss-intermingled gunk out of their noses after major sinus surgery. Hoo-ah!

Ya should have covered the quarter with it though.

Oh Yeah! Monday they are going to be removing my wife's diseased gallbladder. If there's anyway I can talk them into allowing me to take a photo of it, I will send one your way Ole Buddy. That was one beauty of a stopper upper. I know you feel much better after that evacuation.

All the best to you Jerry. Is it hot up there in Indiana? Whew!

Nice! Good coloring with a nasty wetness. Imagine a 3D shot of that...

Uuummmm, Gobstoppers. It's what's for dinner.

Clarence, see if they'll save the stones from that Gallbladder. You could make a necklace.

I couldn't do it. I could not click. But... I am hoping you take Jimbo up on his suggestion! heh.

Do you still have it? Have you named it? It looks alive...

i'm gagging and i didn't even click the link. i'd say hoosierboy is right and you are definitely in there for most unreadable/disgusting posts. congrats!

First-rate expectoration :-)

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