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July 11, 2007


Brother and I were messing around with the fireplace one morning. There was still a smoldering log from the night before. We added some paper and kindling trying to get the fire going again. I was still poking at it when he came back inside and tossed a cup of gas on it.
My poor delicate 11 year-old hands were burned. Brother talked me in to NOT telling mom or dad.
The blisters soon gave us away.
The result?
Not medical care, but a good spanking for both of us.

Diesel is pretty good and stable for a trash barrel. Gasoline is the big no no.

Diesel ain't so bad but gasoline might singe an eyebrow..been there and done that.

Yep, I've used diesel as a primer on many occasions. The one and only time, I tried to use gasoline, led to a nice BOOM, apparently it doesn't like to go off in a confined space. Go figure. :D

*hides all the matches*

If you're gonna do somethin', do it right!

Oh, and Jerry, I'm laughing WITH you. I swear. I have my own version, so I know of what you speak. ;-)

Gotta give your Dad credit!! I had an elderly neighbor and at her house I found some Tylenol that she couldn't get the cap off, so she had taken the butcher knife and poked a big hole in it. It's a shame they have to go through all that!

My Dad uses good ole fashion gas...

man I miss the days of burning trash

A real man would use napalm :-)

Diesel mixed with sawdust works best.

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