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July 28, 2007


oooh, I was hoping we'd get a slightly altered state Jerry post.
"I feel like a Hollywood starlet: nose job and bulimia. I'm so hungry I could eat the ass end of a skunk, about now!" -- better than I even hoped for.
Take care, take some pain pills and talk to you soon.

EGAD! Jerry

That looks so uncomfortable. From experience, I know that having one's nose "Packed" with a special type of gauze permeated with petroleum jelly is the best solution for anyone with a problem nosebleed. I doubt that this nose thing is the best means of achieving it. Now, if your nose was packed as I described and THEN, this nose patch applied, that could do the job...MAYBE.

You have all my sympathy Buddy. Hold on! It could have been worse.


Very charismatic headshot, Jerry. Once that thing heals up nicely, you should be able to smell Elizabeth, New Jersey clear across at least three state lines.

... good Lord, man..... get well soon!...

ouch ouch ouch...

take it easy on what you eat at first, the anesthesia or pain meds can kick you in the stomach if you're not careful.

OMG Jerry, you look absolutely horrible!!!

I do hope you mend fast and the pain doesn't come.

I hope all skunks leave your county...fast!

I hope you can get rid of that thing soon. Take care of yourself!

Oh my giddy aunt! That looks like it's gonna hurt in the mornin'!!!

Here's to hoping you can smell when all is said and done.

Ouch. I hope you can eat soon. I've never had those words about the skunk roll off of my tongue before. You are a silver tongued devil Jerry.
About the post below. How long has your cousin inlaw been calling you Jesus??

You poor baby....Just looking at your face I can tell you don't feel good no matter how much you say you feel alright. I hope you stay pain free and that it won't take to long to recover. Feel better soon Jerry!

Jerry ole boy,
Been there, dun that thang.
Fall of '05 I had nasal polyp and vocal chord polyp surgery on the same day. The result was a swollen bloddy nose (completely stopped up for three days) and NO speaking out loud and certainly no whispering for 2 weeks!


My dad had a similar surgery to yours a number of years ago, when he came to he discovered that they were packing his nose with a cocaine solution to stop the bleeding! They then gave him morphine for the pain, LEGAL SPEEDBALLS!

Anyway, as our former president would say, "I feel your pain."
Hope it all works out for the better, buddy.

"Due to blowing their budget on the big name cast, the new Star Trek movie had very little money left over to spend on costumes for the aliens."

Get well soon :-)

It does not look or sound like you are having a good time with all of this - Sorry.

Damn, dude... you look like crap.

Hope you're feeling better soon. Can't imagine that eating the south end of a northbound skunk is going to make you feel any better, either.

ACK! Sounds quite awful. Feel better, pronto.

This is my first visit and I just want to wish you a speedy recovery.

Glad the surgery came out ok and hope it ends up helping.

As we say in Texas "Hope you git to feelin better soon"

You're funny when you're post surgery and all hopped up on pain killers!
I wish you a full recovery and the return of your sense of smell.
Take care and get well.
I can't feel you pain, but my daughter certainly can! She knows exactly what you're going through. Take it easy, blog buddy!
I'm in sunny CA at my parents' house. My dad, son, brother, and I leave on our driving trip this Wed. I'll be done travelling on Aug 8th.

LOVE that photo!!!!

JERRY,, you've never looked better .. OH WAIT now I see (I was looking with my eyes CLOSED) holly crap man look at you. AND why are you alone??? You should have somebody there to help you and sit your ass down will ya quit walking around!!!!!

Hope yoru better soon sorry I am late.

Good Lord. I hope you are feeling better soon... that just looks so painful. Gah!

Wishing you a speedy healing process to get rid of that "thing". lol

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