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June 19, 2007


I'm now looking forward to your nose operation. I may have to take a sabatical until the descriptions die down.
Hmm, I've been thinking of posting Marilyns famous shortcake redipe.
Homemade cherry-nut ice cream and I'll not go in to may present attire. No. It's not, a tire.

Okay Jerry --
I'll work on this soon. My first Meme.
Oh, and what does meme mean anyway?

...plus, I need to be wearing pants when I fill it out.
A bathrobe won't cut it.

You my dear friend are a cornball,, just a word I have some how added to my daily list.... I will tell you taht when I fill out these things they are NEVER as full of input.... I LOVED IT

Margarita pizza??? Can you expand on this...sounds VERY interesting. I don't that I've ever even heard of it let alone tasted it.

... you'd be a yellow crayon?.. my goodness.....

I think you're the only person who's done this meme who'd actually agree to bungee jumping. That's the spirit.

I have to agree with Cliff about the sinus operation stuff, considering how you were with the details of the other one!! ICK!!! You know I take care of my husband and I can handle BM's, vomit, and all that stuff, but if it comes from the nose....ICK!! Of course I have to handle it but....it grosses me out like nothing else.

Very interesting meme Jerry. I wish your Mom was able to do the things she once could. Nothing like our Mom's cooking is there?

Bungee jumping? You are brave Jerry, or crazy!!

Oh My Gawd, I nearly spit Dr Pepper outta my nose when I read about the fingerless handshakes!!!!!!!

I don't think I will ever forget that.

Nicely done! Your answers to WHAT IS THE LEAST FAVORITE THING ABOUT YOURSELF? DO YOU HAVE A SPECIAL TALENT? had me laughing for a good twenty minutes. No kidding.

Hi Jerry!

Whats my name ;) I'm picking. Maybe next year we can get you and Erica to go sky diving at the blog meet in Texas.

but can you back a four wheel wagon?

Hi Jerry. Great answers. (Hoosierboy sent me.)

We seem to have a lot in common.

Like: Do you have one green eye and one blue eye? Or did you mean your eyes are "blue/green"? I have two different colored eyes (too?)

I'm a Hoosier.

I also have a brother named Jerome (and he hates it, and calls himself Jerry). AND... He's missing a finger. Fer real!

Cliff - Don't tell me that I grossed out an old farm boy? Is that even possible?

Nora - Meme. I think because it's all about MeMe. Pants are optional.

Just a Mom - Cornball? Haven't been called that in a long time.

Chickie - Margarita pizza. It has olive oil and fresh tomatoes, lotsa cheese.

Eric - You gotta problem with yellow? Hmmm?

Erica - Me & You. Tandem bungee jump. How 'bout it?

Rachel - Another snot-phobe, eh?

Rave - I think it's due to the blue-collar nature of my area in Indiana. Lots of industrial accidents.

Ralph - I really can't remember names.

Becky - A tandem jump; yes we should.

GUYK - I cannot back up a four wheel wagon. As hard as I've tried, I can't do it.

Freddie - No, I have two greenish/blue eyes. That's funny that your brother Jerome is missing a finger. I'll have to meet him, and shake his hand. Welcome aboard, Hoosier!

Yo! Nicely done, Jerry. I suggest that, since you have not smelled anything in twenty years, when you get that fixed you face directly AWAY from Washington D.C. The stink might kill ya.

One of the last times I remember being able to smell was on the Jersey Turnpike. But not what you're thinking. It's a funny story. I'll have to write a post about it soon.

Jerry, I, for one, look forward to that story, which I'm sure will probably make me laugh as much as the hilarious, yet unrealistic, prospect of us bungee jumping in tandem. I adore you, you're wonderful, but dream on.

I enjoyed catching up on your latest posts.
Vanilla is better than strawberry when it comes to ice cream, but I wouldn't toss a strawberry cone in the trash.
I hope your sense of smell is restored with the sinus surgery. You are missing out on some really good and really bad smells. :-)

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