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May 30, 2007


Okay Jerry it is time for a reality check. I can go anywhere in Denver and rent a golf cart anytime I want for $7.50. Drive it for three or four hours and turn it in. But a tractor? I would kill for a tractor. I would do significant bodily injury for even a riding lawn mower - but a golf cart? Sorry, I am with your Dad.

My Dad wouldn't drive our 4020 for the first two years we had it. 'The thing was just too big to be driving around in a corn field'. It was in his way one day and he had to move it. Couldn't get him off of it after that. Ended his career on the 8440.

My dear Pa-in-law drives a golf cart all around where he lives. He used to use it to ride all over his land out near Wimberly before he decided it was time to move to "town".

He still enjoys giving rides to his daughter in law (me!) and any nieces, nephews or grandkids he can get to go with him, to see the deer.

Would he settle for a riding mower?

That was a very kind and nice idea, Jerry. I understand about it not going over very well. Everything we come up with for my in-laws gets tossed on the mountain they consider "Mt. Crapmore." ;)

I'm seeing great 4th of July fun with the golf cart.
Can we enter it in the parade?

My dad wants one of these. They drive them around their little town of Clayton.

He'll try it sometime and then he'll enjoy it!! Glad you found one at last!!

If I drove one of those things around here I'd get flattened in a New York Minute. I can barely avoid staying out of bicycle accidents.

Now you just need to drop an old Camaro engine in that baby... :-)

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