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February 27, 2007


I laughed so loud with Little Miss Sunshine. Ed and I had an old VW van when we got married in 81, and we had to push start it a lot, so that part really was familiar. I watched the last hour or so of the Oscars, and I was really turned off.

we love lost in translation and godsford park....

I agree that the Oscar-nominated films are not necessarily the best or most appealing films. There are many other criteria the films are judged on, I guess.

You do watch a lot of movies. I saw 'The Queen' [no more that got nominated] and really liked it. It was a story written to go along with a historical event. We all should try writing some of those types. I have always had one in mind but might never do the necessary research to write it.
Out of the 94 theatres within 50 miles of Houston center, only one showed the Al Gore movie about global warming. I would have seen it if a theatre carrying it were closer.

I have not seen any of those movies. I do want to see Little Miss Sunshine though. I love the funny movies. No blood and guts for me. Sounds like you have spent a lot of time at the cinemas!

I'm with you Jerry. If they want to make political statements and ignore talent or content then I'm done. I quit movies years ago.
I figure I wouldn't listen to President Bush tell about his favorite movies. And I won't listen to political vomit by people who have become famous learning and spitting out words that were dreamed up by someone else. The acadamia nuts and actors in our land must be ignored. I heard an author/professor on tv yesterday say to avoid the leftist nuts who are 'teaching' on campus these days you should avoid any class that ends with the word "Studies"

I am with you on the political statement.
The only movie we watched from the ones you listed in your post was the departed. Hubby downloads them on his computer and we watch them there. I can't recall the last time we went to a movie or rented one.
I don't watch ANY television so I don't watch Oscar.
I think it is is sad that a joy you once had was taken away by the lack of integrity of Hollywood.

I'm recommending Little Miss Sunshine.

It had a really slow start, and 10 minutes in I was still going with my original assumption that I was going to hate it, since all the characters seemed deeply flawed. But as it progressed, they each fleshed out until there was something likeable in all of them.

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