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October 17, 2006


Jerry! I LOL!! I have this image of the midgets suited up and trotting out onto the football field. It's not very intimidating .... unless they're playing the hunchbacks or the gimps. I can hear it now, "Hey, let's name our mascot after some type of chromosomal abnormalities!" Bwahahahahahahhaah - sick humor , but this is just too funny. :)

You know I was a Frankfort Hot Dog. Let us not forget the Speedway Sparkplugs.

drive through Fayette all the time - had no idea that was the old gym.

We played Frankfurt in regionals one year. They were a beenie weenie team.

Emmenice Eels. That is another good one.

I was a Ladywood Lizard.
Ladywood St.Agnes was the last all-girls Catholic high school in Indianapolis.
I have closed down two Parochial schools. Good thing I did not get accepted to Notre Dame (of course you've got to apply).

Dad was a Washington Township (Cass County, IN) Hatchet

The midgets??!! That's the funniest mascot ever! I bet they were not very good at basketball, but VERY good at limbo. :)

Yeah for Fayette!! Ok, I learned something new. I didn't know the high school was where the nursery is now, although I knew that was a gym. I thought it was the school by the fire station, because I have always seen that sign there. So now I know! I guess the school behind the station was a grade school. Where in the world did they get Midgets from? We have to find out now.

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