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July 03, 2006


Good photo cropping!

I love going to the parade, but nobody else in my family does, so I always miss it. I think I went to it two or three times. It is really fun and stirs up the patriotic and hometown spirit! Glad it wasn't as hot this year.

I'm usually on vacation this time of year, so I never catch the festivities here.

What is up with the "reserved seating" at the park???

Paula - I didn't know about that. Was it just people staking out a spot...for days? Or are they now charging admission to view the parade?

from ulen drive to meridian st. there were roped off sections using everything from clothesline rope to police line, do not cross tape (ok, kidding on that one, but there was some sort of orange utility warning tape!).

we walked through the park on Monday night and people were hoarding picnic tables into their roped off areas.

I know for sure it started the Wednesday before the 4th. The closer it got to the 4th, the more that got roped off. Then they started bringing tents and chairs. I think some people even camped out over night to guard "their" territory. It was very bizarre.

Where we ended up sitting, someone roped off twice as much as they needed, then "graciously" allowed the kids in our group to stand by the street on "their" empty part. Afterwards they asked if we were glad that they had roped off too much.

I was half tempted to mark off a section on the 5th with a big sign that read "Reserved for July 4th, 2007".

I guess there was a big thing in the paper. The parks department was a bit miffed because they couldn't even get the grass cut for the 4th!!

Very weird! Where we vacation, Iron Mountain, MI, there isn't much drama to the parade (but there are a lot of logging trucks :). I hadn't been here for the 4th in years, so I was a bit shocked by all the controversy.

I didn't spend that much time in preparation. I literally blew into town at 1:50pm. The parade had to be a letdown for those camping out. Unless there was booze or meth involved.

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