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June 11, 2006


I have been by there, a couple of times when I took a wrong turn off of highway 39! It is sad to see it sitting there going to waste.

Is the building being maintained at all? Looks like it has a lot of character... sad to see it just sitting.

look at you in your polyester clothes...your so cute;)

great pics jerry:-)

Cute little guy Jerry in your suit!! Don't you wish you could go back and do it all over again?

That school bldg. looks sort of like the one I attended 1ST-3RD grades at and then they built a new school in town. The old school is now apartments.

It's a shame your old school is just sitting there now. It looks lonely.

Going to the new school with all those kids would have been a shock!!

The building looks sad. Maybe someone will take it on as a project and fix it up some day. It does have character. You looked spiffy in your threads.
Thanks for sharing.

So, you were the brainiest of the 18. It is because you actually like math, which is of course of the devil.
My senior class was only 57 students. I like the small classes like that.

Nice suit. This picture re-enforces that classic colors and lines stand the test of time.

Wow, your class was even bigger than ours! 102? We had 67 in my graduating class. But I was never in a class of only 18, cept maybe pre-school!

... how'd you get your hair combed?... or is that a helmet?...

No, I don't think the building is being maintained at all. It looks awful. There's another building on the grounds that wasn't there in 1974 and it's all caved in too. Very sad.

That white thing next to the slide was the "maypole". In the wrong hands, it could be quite the torture device. You could hook your right arm around the center pole and have your left hand on the outer rim, and little by little force a kid on the opposite side to be hanging on for dear life with his feet 3 feet off the ground, going round and round, faster and faster. I saw many a kid flung off of that thing. Gravity in action...a hard lesson learned on the playground.

Eric - Nice hair, huh? It looks like a toupee. I had braces on my teeth too. That's why I'm not smiling.

LOL. My partner is a Pinnell "Maypole" survivor! Since I went to Wells, not Pinnell, we called ours the "Witches Hat", what we called the "Maypole" had a similar setup, except that it had 6 or 8 individual chains with short 2 or 3 rung "ladders" at the end that you held on to.

It was only in reading this post and seeing the picture that I realized exactly what my partner had been saying about the "Maypool" all these years. We both are dying laughing!

P&L - Good to meet some WeBo gals up the road, and one's a Pinnell kid. I'll be darned.

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