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June 13, 2006


wow..that sure is something..

I did not share classroom or schools with any famous or infamous person..but some famous folks did gorw up in my are..such as Bob Segar, Tom Sellek, Madonna...mm, and me I guess;))

I'm the only famous person from our school... then again, with three of us in the grajiating class, ain't no wonder. I'm the only one in the fone book thing.

Yes, I went to school with a murderer. When we were in school he was a grade or two ahead of me, and one recess I beat him up. Of course, that was long before he murdered someone. I barely remember his last name.

I grew up with a guy that went on to play both pro football and pro baseball, but he isn't famous. My husband went to school with a couple pro basketball players, but I can't remember their names.

My neighbor had the neighborhood "slow-kid" murder her husband in their front yard.

I think that is all.

creepy is right.

I had a class mate marry a famous author. That's about it.

No one that I know of!

Okay, that is just CREEPY!

I attended college and was good friends with a guy is who famous in the christian contmeporary music industry. We traveled and sang together, and we are on two albums together. It was fun!

I went to elementary school with Tom Cruise. Well, not the movie star Tom Cruise, but he did have an autistic brother, which is a strange coincdence.

I went to HS with a famous baseball player, but no serial killers. Maybe I should have gone to Catholic school! BTW, yes, that would creep me out too. Blech.

A guy I went to high school with is the brother in law now of John Andretti, that is as close as we get out here in the boondocks!

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