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May 25, 2006


I love those kind of flowers..had a bunch planted at our house..very nice:)

Geez does that bring back memories! My grandparents always had peonies in their yard. That are beautiful.

One of my very favorites. So beautiful. AND the low maintenance? Yeah - LOVE that!!!

You do have to like the maintenance part.

The state flower of Indiana. I do love them, they smell so great!

Any flower low maintenance is all good Jerry !

They sure are. And, no maintenance is a very good thing!

The pie-knees thing reminds me of when we were living in Huron, South Dakota for about a year just after we were married. The people there pronounced the town like this: Urine, SD. And, they pronounced their capital in one syllable like this: Peer, SD. I always said Pierre like this: Pee-air.

Funny how these differences develop, but of course, I feel my way is always right. :)

They're very pretty! And low maintenance, too. Can't beat that with a stick. :)

All - Low maintenance gardening is what I'm all about.
Teresa - I had forgotten that it was the Indiana state flower. Sure beats Oklahoma's - Mistletoe.
JD - I'm guessing that the Peer caused the Urine.

They are purty indeed. They are blooming here too. The ants really love them. I pronounce them Pea-oh-knees. My neighbor pronounces them the other way.

Good flowers. Couldn't kill em if'n ya tried.

OOOO, purty!

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