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May 14, 2006


What a wonderful tribute to your Mom! Way to go Jerry. She deserves it.


You are lucky to have your mom and she is lucky to have you! A great post.

1960? Holy carp, you're old...


Rachel & Teresa - Thanks

Just a Mom - You mean the song? I used Castpost to do it.

T1G - Bend down and say that in my good ear. Be kind to your elders. And learn how to spell "crap". *shaking head* Kids these days!

I know she looks back on those 22 years of making lunches fondly. I tell myself that I'm going to miss the chaos in my home. Sometimes it is that single thought that keeps me sane... and I only have 3!

What a great mom! She looks kinda tired in that picture, and I can just imagine why! You look a lot like her.

Man, you are old. Nice tribute to Mom. I'm glad you can still type a little.

Bou - Mom likes it nice and quiet these days.

Christy - Yes, I favor the Maloney side of the family.

Cliff - I am old. But being the baby does make me feel a little bit young.

I'm catching up on your posts. The wheat looks good, and I hope the weather is just right.

I hope your mom enjoyed Mother's Day. Your post is so sweet. That is a lot of years and dedication your mom put into her kids.

My sister used to wake my nephew for school by pouring a handful of frozen ball-bearings into his bed.

No matter how you lay in the bed, those frozen things will touch you. It's either get up or get frostbite :-)

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