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April 17, 2006


You’ll be missed…but I know you’ll feel better getting stuff done.
Forgive me if I still click on to your site each day, a visit here is on my daily to-do list—along with a quick stop by your neighbors, Cliff and Ralph.
Happy Organizing!

... wow.. you blogroll me and then hang up your spurs... was it something I said?....

You know, reports on how your cleaning is going could make for some good blogging. We all need some inspiration! Actually, I find myself feeling the same, with piles and boxes of stuff that I have stashed away and neglected. I am hoping to also do some heavy duty cleaning, and maybe even have a yard sale to raise some money for a trip my son is taking this summer. Good luck with the work, and we might call you about mushrooming over there sometime! Christy

Hang in there and have fun being a Home Depot Junkie. We'll miss you!!

I should do the same thing, but am not as well disciplined as you. Good luck and HURRY BACK! We'll miss you!!!

We'll miss you, too!

I used to be very organized. But no longer.... though having more space now has helped a little bit. Maybe some day I'll be back to my former level of organization. A girl can dream, anyway. :)

well Bob Vila you may not be but hell you'll sure make some headway no matter what with your to do list - take her cool and we'll miss ya Jerry !

Not fair...I just "found" you and now you're leaving?


Work hard, get stuff done, and I'll be checking back in come May.
I think my headstone should read, "A Place for Everything and Everything in its Place."
It's my life motto, so I understand your frustration.

Hope you get it all organized and done Jerry. I know that blogging and reading blogs can be time consuming. Oh, how I know!!

Take care and don't lose any more body parts in the meantime! I'll be checking back from time to time!

Need a volunteer (or two) ?? Lemme know! I'll sure miss the daily stories though...

hurry back!!

Dammit, Jerry! Hurry back, man.

And if you need a couple hours of work from a wanderer, let me know. I'll do my damndest to help.

You do what you gotta do... we know you'll be back!

Also, I don't know the financial situation, but there are people you can hire that can help. They organize closets and garages and stuff. I know, it sounds weird, but if its making you that nuts, it may help. Just a thought.

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