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April 20, 2006


Yeah, Poision Ivy has started to 'get' me in the last few years. I've caught up on your blogs and I know what you mean about being busy. I finally got some corn in the ground yesterday and if I don't break down, I should have a good one today. Take care.

Just itching for attention, huh, Jerry...

I can roll in Poision Ivy without consequence. My body just doesn't react to it. Get me within a foot of Poision Oak though...

Jerry - go to Burt's Bees website - or you might check at Rural King to see if they have it - get Poison Ivy soap. it is a coal tar soap - but also has jewelweed in it. When I work in the yard, I come in , and suds up everything with this soap. haven't had more than just a couple of bumps from the nasty three-leaved wonder since I started using it.

hope that helps - in the mean time - caladryl clear will help the itching.

My doctor told me that if you treat the rash it will go away in fourteen days, untreated two weeks.

Oh no! I get poison ivy really easily so I am very careful. I still manage to get some anyway. I have tried every remedy, and something I have found that really helps dry it up and ease the itch is good ole Gold Bond powder.

*throws a handful of poison ivy at T1G for making a horrid pun*

I never get it, my husband gets it every year. I wonder if this will be my year now that I've opened up that can of worms . . .

Hope the itch goes away soon!

Love the song. You should have listened to the song first! Ha!

Sorry about the poison ivy. Hope it gets well fast. That stuff is such a pain to have. Makes me itch thinking about it.

2 things come to mind:

1) it's supposed to be a roll in the HAY not IVY. 'mkay?!

2) Don't try and fight the blog. It *will* win. Fair means or foul.

I'm just sayin'..............


I have that gene too. I get all of the requests to pull poison ivy out around here.

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