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April 24, 2006


Sorry about your poison ivy Jerry!! At least you seem to be taking it with a sense of humor! Nice leg there, BTW.

For a second there, I thought I'd wandered onto a porno blog.

Is that Oreo your standing on? Hope he doesn't get poison ivy too.

Sorry about the poison ivy and I'm sure I'll quit laughing here in a minute. That is a great post.

All you really need to complete that picture you just painted is the "orgasmic" plumbing I had in the last place I lived. It moaned - and could be heard outside the house. Yep, that'll finish it. ;-)

But I am glad to hear something gives you some relief with that schtuff!!

Seriously, Jerry: you need some goats to eat the poison ivy. They're no good once you GET it, but they're good for prevention.

Calamine lotion always works with I have itchy stuff-like bites. I don't get poison ivy. Good luck.

I make the same kinda sounds when I am looking at ATV pics on the internet lol !

Hope the Ivy problems clear up soon it is not comfortable by any means

You are back posting already. I had to read your last few posts to catch up.
So, you've been itching for awhile now. That is miserable! I know what you mean about the shower stream hitting itchy areas though. I had a few spider bites a couple of weeks ago, and I did my best to avoid scratching them, but the shower felt good and kind of eased the itching temporily.
I think dandelions look pretty. They are basically a yellow flower. What's wrong with yellow flowers?
I hope you got all your stuff organized. I just put my winter clothes away and brought out my warm weather clothes. My closet is all organized, and my shirts are arranged by color. I LOVE that!!! Having a clean, organized house is a high!

I had really bad poison ivy on my face once when I was in 6th grade. We were at a camp somewhere in Michigan. The nurse called my Mum to come and get me. I begged and pleaded to be allowed to stay. I was let off the hook so I didn't dare complain about it again.

I hope that the it heals soon.

omg too funny! ty for the laugh! (I mean not laughing at you... ummm with you! *wink)

Scrub it with a gasoline soaked rag. That will do it. I'm getting weary of saying it Jerry. Oh yeah, don't forget the matches.

Rachel - Thanks. I flexed my calf just for you!
Romani Heart - Sorry. We're rated PG here.
Ben - Yes, that's Oreo giving my leg a boost. He's got tough skin.
Ralph - I'm still in your debt as far as chuckles from our blogs.
Tammi - Moaning pipes. How kinky!
Patty - Then I'd have to build a fence, and buy feed, etc. That's your job.
Teresa - You don't get poison ivy? Wanna clean out my flower beds?
Funky - So a motor between your legs makes you....um, nevermind.
JD - Being organized IS a high. I just can't quite seem to get there.
Catherine - I think having it on your face and hands is the worst.
Kate - As long as you're laughing with me.
Cliff - Let me write this down. 1) Gasoline; 2) Matches; 3) Hey. Wait a darn minute!

Nice leg!

I think I might be a little turned on by your shower scene!

Oh and next time you post a picture of your leg can you put some work boots on?!

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