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April 22, 2006


This tree is just like little kids. Once in a while they do something that makes you want to keep them.

Flipping through one of my gardening catalogs (though I don't actually garden, so I'm not sure why I get them...), anyway, it looks like it might be either a redbud tree or a crabapple. But those are just guesses.

There are redbud trees everywhere here, and that's just what they look like :)

It looks like a redbud tree. They are very pretty for a short time.


It looks like a crabapple from the photo.

I have two redbud trees; they get tiny purple flowers on before the leaves sprout. So that must be a crabapple tree.

looks like a flowering crabapple tree. I've decided to plant a magnolia tree out front for my "trouble tree"

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