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March 07, 2006


I'm going to have to look around and see if we have a Taco Bueno. I don't thing we do. That other taco place is well - you described it pretty accurately.

Hey lucky you!!! I'll catch up soon really!!!!

There is a new restaurant open in Indy on 86th st, called Abuelos Mexican Food Embassy. It's not fast food, but we went there and thought "yeah, REAL Mexican food." Ed is from CA and I lived there a long time, so we have been looking for something good in Indiana. This is the best we found so far.

while in South Dakota and Wyoming, my husband and I enjoyed a place called Taco Juans. But mostly so we could say "Taco Juan" in a really rough accent . . .

I have never heard of this place. I guess you read in my post about the Mexican restaurant I have gone to here lately. It is really good.

I'm on a diet and between you and Rachel, I'm ready to eat and it's only 11:00 AM.

"When you want more, say Bueno! A whole lot more, say Bueno! TACO BUENO!"
Ah...eat some for me.

Down here in Franklin we have a great place called Mi Pueblo. You should visit sometime. It is in the strip mall on 31 next to Krogers.

I've never had the pleasure of dining at Taco Bueno. I'm sure I'd like it though, because I'm a fan of Mexican food in general. A $50 gift card. WOW! Eat well!!

LOL...I'm visitin' from over at An Audience of One...funny to read this post right now, 'cuz #1 I'm live in Oklahoma City, and #2 I just now finished a Quesadilla Platter from Taco Bueno!!

And yep, it was gooooood! I'll take Bueno over Bell any day. Lucky me, it's right down the street! :)

You need to come down to New Mexico and find out what Mexican food is all about. Taco Bell or Taco Bueno is tourista food. Get some real green or red chile and find out what addiction is all about. Go to your grocer and see if they can order "Rotel" original. It's just diced tomatoes and green chile, but you can add it to vegitables, spaghetti, caseroles, meat loafs, put it in with velveta cheese and microwave it for con queso, etc.

Chicken Chilada platter!!baby!!! mmmmmmm! I love going to Tulsa to get Taco Bueno! I lived in Tulsa and OKC quite awhile and I miss Bueno so bad!

I LOVE Bueno. We used to live in a small town north of Tulsa, and every time we went to Tulsa when I was growing up, we always ate at Bueno.

Bueno is the best!

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