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February 08, 2006


Looks good! Keep up the baking.

Your beater pick-up reminds me of the time I was driving thru Western Nebraska and was listing to a local radio station. It was doing a live broadcast from a car dealership and they were describing a pick-up (out here a truck is that big vechile that hauls grain) that had just come in on a trade - leather seats, and every bell and whistle that could be ordered. The announcer said, "Boys, I can guarentee that this pick-up has never been used to check the irragation pipes." I really had a chuckle as I could just picture what the "irriagation checker" must look like - very similiar to yours but minus the camper.

Wait, is this Jerry's or Scott's page?? What the heck is the difference between a quiche pan and a deep dish pie pan? I'll be happy to take some of the surplus cherries off your hands. You should try cherries in bread, cherry cobbler, cookies, etc etc!

I'm so PROUD of you! Can't WAIT to see you...and taste test this mean cherry pie. Maybe I'll even take some cherries off your hands...

The pie looks great.
Did you know that my Dad makes cherry wine? I see some bartering opportunities for next year…Dad picking and pitting in exchange for some of the fruits* of his labor.
*couldn't resist!

That is one purty pie Jerry!! You are talented for sure. If it tastes as good as it looks I know it was lip smacking good!

The cherry tree pic looks so good. It's hard to believe the cherries that look that good would not taste good.
The pie looks & sounds yummy. I love pie and vanilla ice cream. Good thing I'm not nearby, or I would break my New Year's diet and eat half that pie.
That recipe is an easy one. That's my kind of recipe.
Good grief! I'm salivating.

Jerry, I read Nora's comment about the wine and would mention that the cherries are best for wine if they have been frozen first. I have given away quite a few frozen cherries for wine. Maybe an idea for you. btw the pie looks just right. My mouth is watering also.

Nicely done Jerry! If we can get you up to speed on making your own pie crust you can be a guest contributor on my blog!

Make jelly out of the cherry juice. The pie looks delicious. New reader here, came over from the wolf pack posts at other blogs. Sounds like everyone had a good time.

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