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January 13, 2006


Cujo, here boy!

Believe it or not, I have never seen ANY of them.

I haven't seen one either.

I haven't seen them either. I don't enjoy horror but apparently lots of people do!

Me three, I haven't ever seen it and don't want to. I'm surprised they didn't do 13 sequels to be clever.

I haven't seen any of them either.

I don't like scarry movies,,,, I won't go into the talk I had with my teens about the wringer washer I use to use.

One of my daughters asked me when they were going to stop making Friday the 13th sequels. I replied, "As soon as stupid teenagers stop going to them." I think they have finally stopped.

They're not done yet. There has been talk of a mega-crossover involving Evil Dead. It's Ash versus Freddy versus Jason. I kid you not. I don't know if it will ever get launched, but folks want to make it.

I thought it was a rule that any series that goes over 3 movies is defined as horrible. Rocky, Superman, Star Trek, Star Wars, etc etc.

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