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November 07, 2005


Glad everyone is okay. Assuming that as you didn't mention it. What's groing in rows, there, this time of year??

I guess I should have put that in the post. Yes, everyone was okay. That is a wheat field, planted with a drill about a month ago. The rows are about 6 inches apart.

It's pretty warm out again today.

The strong winds woke us up. Glad no one was hurt their at your neighbors. For a few years I have planned to buy a weather radio, and I think that this event is a reminder that we all should have one. If there are storms going on before bedtime, I am usually the one in my family who stays up and watches the news and keeps guard. But when you aren't expecting it, and sound asleep, that is when it gets dangerous.

I'm glad to know that you came out of it okay. When I saw the news, I saw that the worst of it was well south of you. Ack. Bad news, man.

How scary to have that happen in the middle of the night. I'm so glad that everyone around your area was okay. I feel so terrible about those who were hit by that devastating tornado. The pics you showed prove how much destruction can be caused by wind damage.

That distruction was awful. I used to live in Southern Illinois and know Evansville well. It's a very sad thing.

That's the way we spell growing, here in Nebraska.

Thank heavens there weren't any animals in there, because they wouldn't be there anymore!


RIP Herr barn!

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